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Worm Wheel Bearing UNIT

Worm Wheel Bearing UNIT


A Worm Drive Is A Gear Arrangement In Which A Worm (Which Is A Gear In The Form Of A Screw) Meshes With A Worm Gear (Which Is Similar In Appearance To A Spur Gear). The Two Elements Are Also Called The Worm Screw And Worm Wheel. The Terminology Is Often Confused By Imprecise Use Of The Term Worm Gear To Refer To The Worm, The Worm Gear, Or The Worm Drive As A Unit.

Our worm gear has a wide range of applications.We have demonstrated years of experience and a high level of capability to produce over 1 million worm gear units per year, most of which are created to the customer's specifications.

Our series of worm gear and worm gear products conform to Framo Morat standard, ranging from 20 mm to 135 mm in diameter and from 17 mm to 80 mm in axial distance.In addition, we also provide customized worm gear up to 300 mm in diameter and 210 mm in center distance.

The catalogue of worm gear sets can usually provide a variety of options of axial distance and transmission ratio from the warehouse, and has good differentiation.We can also calculate and produce customer specific axial distance and transmission ratio in the factory.We prefer to make worm gear for right-handed users, but these gear can be designed for left-handed users on request.

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