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Bevel Gear Pair

Bevel Gear Pair


Bevel Gear System Is Used Where Change Of Direction Of The Power Transmission Is Required. These Are Mostly Used On Shafts Which Are Perpendicular To Each Other. Though, The Angle Can Also Be Changed As Per The Users Requirements.

Bevel Gears Are Used In Situations Where The Axis Of Rotation Of A Shaft Must Change Direction. An Example Of This Is A Car Differential Where The Rotating Prop Shaft Is Turned Through 90° To Drive The Wheels.

Ideally This Situation Would Transmit The Required Torque With Maximum Efficiency Whilst Producing Minimum Noise And Vibration With A System That Occupies Minimum Space At The Required Ratio Reduction. The Various Bevel Gear Systems Have Their Advantages And Disadvantages And Compromises Are Needed. An Alternative To A Bevel Gear System, If The Requirements Allow, Could Be A Worm Drive (Or Worm Gear Set).

It Is Not A Rule But Bevel Gear Axes Are Commonly Mounted At 90° To Each Other.

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