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Enveloping Worm Gear

Enveloping Worm Gear


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The Extra Precision Double Enveloping Worms And Worm Gears Of All Sizes Can Steadily Reach Grade 3 Of DIN Standard. These Double Enveloping Worm And Worms Gears Have Been Successfully Used As Indexing Drive For Machine Tools That Have To Cope With High Cutting Rates, Endure Heavy Cutting Load, And Require High Accuracy As Well.

This Worm Set Uses A Special Worm Shape In That It Partially Envelops The Worm Gear As Viewed In The Direction Of The Worm Gear Axis. Its Big Advantage Over The Standard Worm Is Much Higher Load Capacity, However, The Worm Gear Is Very Complicated To Design And Produce, And Sources For Manufacture Are Few.

Number of stars: 1
Pitch diameter: 100mm

· Worm gears:
Number of teeth: 300
Pitch diameter: 900mm

· The double enveloping worms and worm gearing is used as the precision index driving.

· The manufacturing technology of double enveloping worm and worm gear has won the Chinese patent.

· The manufacturing technology of extra precision worms and worm gear has gained the national 1- grade award of science and technology progress.

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