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Helical Gear And Pinion

Helical Gear And Pinion


Straight-Cut Gear Rack (16 Pitch, 20º Pressure Angle, 3/4" Face, 3/4" Height) In 48" Or 72" Lengths. Comes Pre-Drilled For Easy Mounting And Ends Ground For Butting.

24-Tooth Or 32-Tooth Drive Spur Gears Compatible With The Straight Rack.

Helical-Cut Gear Rack (Module 1.5, 20º Pressure Angle, 17mm Face, 17mm Height) In 1500mm Or 2000mm Lengths. Comes Pre-Drilled For Easy Mounting And Ends Ground For Butting.

16-Tooth, 25-Tooth Or 32-Tooth Drive Pinion Gears Compatible With The Helical Rack.

· A pinion of about 20 teeth is mathematically the optimum in terms of tangential force and system backlash. A larger pinion provides more backlash, a smaller pinion can transmit lower torques and has a higher wear.

· A larger module does NOT have to mean that the tangential force is higher! A rack module 2 in quality 5 can transmit a higher tangential force than module 3 in quality 8!

· The quality of a rack is not only the deviation per meter, but also the treatment and hardness. For example, quality 8 has a better price than quality 10!

· Backlash is caused by the interaction of ALL components. It makes no sense to take a very-low-backlash gearbox with, for example, a larger pinion or a lower quality rack.

· The tolerances of the racks and pinions are NOT standardized, in practice we often see deviations. For example, by giving the total deviation per 300 mm instead of per 1000 mm. The first 12 pages of our catalog are about the tolerances of OUR products, how we have defined them and what the value is. From linear deviation to hardness and straightness, ALL tolerances can be found.

· For a silent and low-backlash drive with a long service life, it is recommended to use a pinion and rack from 1 supplier. The tolerances, especially with helical teeth, are very important!

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