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Helical Rack Gear Design Helical Pinion Gear Design

Helical Rack Gear Design Helical Pinion Gear Design


Rack Sections Can Be Joined Endlessly, Although The Guide Mechanism (A Profiled Rail Or Cam Roller, For Example) Can Be The Limiting Factor In Maximum Stroke Length. Rack And Pinion Systems Can Operate In One Of Two Ways: With The Pinion (Including Gearbox And Motor) Moving And The Rack Stationary, Or With The Pinion Assembly Stationary And The Rack Moving.

Product Specification


Mild Steel



Is It Rust Proof

Rust Proof


Automobile Industry


40-50 HRC

Packing Type

Corrugated Box


-10 To 60 Degree C

Rack And Pinion Drive Systems Do Have Backlash, Due To The Meshing Of Gear Teeth. But High Precision Helical Rack And Pinion Systems Have Tooth Pitch Errors In The Single-Micron Range. It’s Also Possible To Preload A Rack And Pinion System To Prevent Backlash.

Lubrication Is Critical For Rack-And-Pinion Systems Due To The Metal-On-Metal Contact Combined With The Tight Clearances Between Gear Teeth. Automatic Lubrication Systems Are Recommended For Use With Rack And Pinions To Ensure Proper Lubrication And Avoid Reduced Performance Or Even Failure.

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