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High Precision Ball Bearings

High Precision Ball Bearings



Optimum design: by computer simulation and finite element analysis, the Cool Type ball screw has perfect thermal suppression function and high reliability structure.Higher operating speed, up to 200,000 dm-n value: Cool Type ball screw can eliminate the temperature rise caused by high speed operation, on the contrary, with stable temperature control function, higher operating speed can be increased.

Avoid thermal deformation: with Optimized heat transfer design, the Cool Type ball screw can effectively reduce heat generation and avoid thermal deformation.Increased durability: when the use of a ball screw in reciprocating frequent operation environment, due to the heat source generated between steel ball may cause oxidation (oxidized) or decarburization (decarburized) phenomenon and shorten service life.The Cool Type ball screw increases durability due to its operation in a stable temperature controlled environment.

Prolong the service life of lubricating oil: due to the operation in a temperature-controlled environment, it can prevent the quality deterioration of lubricating oil due to the temperature rise and relatively extend the service life of lubricating oil.Maintain the constant temperature environment and reduce the machine warm-up time: when the Cool Type ball screw operates at high speed, the test proves that the effect of nut and screw cooling temperature control at the same time can maintain the constant temperature environment, thus reducing the machine warm-up time.

Provide higher feeding accuracy: the cooling effect of the Cool Type ball screw inhibits thermal deformation and allows feeding accuracy to maintain a stable value.


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