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Pinions And Pinion Shafts

Pinions And Pinion Shafts


Our range of pinion shafts, pinion forged shafts;is the external input shaft in gear operators that drive internal reduction gearing. Available in Integral Shrunk fit, the pinion shafts are a round rod with teeth. Though, their teeth run parallel to the length of the shaft, they come at a ninety-degree angle, held in place by a collar. The pinion shafts are connected directly to the steering column, thus when the steering wheel is turned left, the pinion rotates counter-clockwise. The rotary motion of the pinion shaft is changed to transverse motion by the rack.

Our array of forged steel shafts finds application in various areas, some of which are :

Power hand tools


Speed reducers


Medical equipment

Agro Industry

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