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Rolled Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw



Small size high precision: nut and support bearing are formed in one, so nut size is small, the contact Angle of support bearing is 45o, can bear larger axial load, and the combination of high precision.

Easy to assemble: simply lock the nut to the bearing seat with a screw to obtain the rotating ball screw mechanism of the nut.

High feed: the screw is fixed, so there is no inertia force when the screw is rotating. It can also feed at high speed for long and thin than big ball screw, and can choose the motor with smaller driving force.

High rigidity: the support bearing of R1 series ball screw is larger than that of general screw, so the axial rigidity is greatly improved.

Low noise: R1 series use end cover circulation, circulating steel ball inside the nut backflow, even high speed rotation noise is smaller than normal screw.


Semiconductor machinery

Industrial robot

Woodworking machine

Laser processing machine

Handling device

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