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Sfu1605 Ball Screw

Sfu1605 Ball Screw


A ball screw is a mechanical linear actuator that translates rotational motion to linear motion with little friction. A threaded shaft provides a helical raceway for ball bearings which act as a precision screw. As well as being able to apply or withstand high thrust loads, they can do so with minimum internal friction. They are made to close tolerances and are therefore suitable for use in situations in which high precision is necessary. The ball assembly acts as the nut while the threaded shaft is the screw.

Product range: Ø3 mm to Ø80 mm

Lead range: 0.5 to 63mm

Length: 7m Max

Material: GCr15, 9Cr18 or S55C, SCM420H

Min Size: 03x0.5mm

Accuracy Grade: C0, C1, C3, C5, C7.

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