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Spindle Ball Bearings

Spindle Ball Bearings


HIWIN ball spline is a kind of rolling guidance module, which is mainly composed of nut, screw, steel ball and retainer. By means of the endless rolling cycle between nut and screw by the steel ball, the nut can move linearly along the screw with high precision.The steel ball on the ball spline is angular contact structure, which can bear radial load and torque load.Nut and bearing integrated molding design allows ball splines to achieve high load in a streamlined structure.

Ball, ball spline set up three groups load for face-to-face of angular contact ball bearing design, ball by steel ball retainer, on the whole column circular movement, through the optimization of the retainer is designed, achieve high speed, high guidance of acceleration and deceleration, moreover for steel ball retainer cladding pumped design makes the nuts from the spline shaft, ball will not fall off.

Transmissible torque capacity: compared with linear bearings, the steel balls in the rolling groove contact at an Angle, so the nut and screw can move relative to each other to achieve the function of transmitting torque.

Unibody structure: the nut and support bearing are integrated to achieve high precision and small design.

Easy installation: ball spline retainer, even if the spline shaft from the spline nut, the ball will not fall off.

Lubricating oil circuit: through the optimal design of the oil circuit, the lubricating oil is directly directed to the backflow of the ball to improve the lubrication effect and improve the service life.

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