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Timing Belt And Pulley

Timing Belt And Pulley



Timing belt pulleys or synchronous pulley rely on accurately meshing with belt teeth and pulley teeth groove; Reliable meshing between belt teeth;those of timing pulley;Available in different sizes and combinations of materials; Silent power transmission for applications with variable speed pulleys; Economical means to transfer power clean; No slip characteristic.

Module: M0.25
Material Type:;Metal, Bronze, Steel, Alloy, Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless, Brass, Copper ;as customer required

How can synchronous belt pulley manufacturers in the fierce competition in the market with a solid foundation of synchronous belt pulley as a device in the transmission structure application, need to be used to play the transmission function of the product, must be in the transmission can meet certain requirements, can be applied in the relevant equipment. Specifically, can be applied belt wheel, need to meet the following requirements in the transmission:

1: accurate transmission. Once the synchronous belt wheel slides in application, it will definitely directly affect the transmission of the equipment, and then the equipment cannot run smoothly or even run and use normally. From this aspect, the belt wheel needs to meet the requirements of accurate transmission, can be applied.

2: smooth transmission. For any equipment, it needs to be able to run very smoothly, high-quality belt wheel manufacturers, there will be a stable function play, the application effect presented by this equipment will be very good. From this aspect, the synchronous belt wheel used to play the transmission function for the equipment needs to meet the requirements of smooth transmission.

3: high transmission efficiency. When the equipment is applied, it needs to be able to have a high operating efficiency to be able to have a high performance in terms of working efficiency, so it needs to play the transmission function of the synchronous belt and wheel in the equipment to meet the requirements of high transmission efficiency. Synchronous wheel profile: usually made of material 45# steel, belt wheel, aluminum alloy, copper, nylon, etc. It is widely used in machine tools, textile, printing, food packaging, wire and cable, instrument meter, kerosene chemical, tobacco, communication and other industries of new machine belt

Specification of synchronous wheel:

(1) trapezoid tooth 2

(2)(T) synchronous belt wheel


synchronous belt wheel features:

(1) the transmission is correct, when things do not slip, with a constant transmission ratio;

(2) stable transmission, with buffer, vibration reduction ability, low noise;

(3) high transmission, belt price, up to 0.98, energy saving results are significant;

(4) convenient maintenance, pulley sales, no lubrication, low maintenance cost;

(5) the range of speed ratio is large, usually up to 10, line speed up to 50m/s, with a large range of power notification, up to several watts to several hundred kilowatts;

(6) can be used for long interval transmission, the central distance can be more than 10m.

(7) no pollution, can not allow pollution and the situation is relatively bad under the circumstances of normal things pulley sales, pulley

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