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Worm And Pinion

Worm And Pinion


The Motion And Force Between Any Axis In Transmissible Space, That Is, The Axis Can Be Parallel, Crossed Or Staggered;Smooth Rotation, Its Transmission Ratio Is Constant, The Transmission Ratio Of Most Gears Is Constant;Wide Range Of Adaptability (Large Transmission Speed And Power Range);Life Is Long;High Efficiency;Compact Structure And Other Advantages

The Shaft Of The Worm Gear Is In A Parallel Plane And Can Be Tilted At Any Angle Between 0 And A Right Angle.In A Worm Gear, A Gear Has Threads.Because Of This, The Worm Gear Is Quiet, Vibrates Freely, And Provides A Smooth Output.The Worm Gear And The Worm Shaft Are Almost Always At Right Angles.Products Are Widely Used In A Variety Of Industrial Applications, By The National User's High Praise.Industrial Drive Worm Gear Customers Can Take Advantage Of This Product Variety In A Variety Of Sizes And Other Specifications Of Reasonable Offer To Industry Leading Prices.Can Be Customized According To Customer Needs...

Gear transmission advantages:

The motion and force between any axis in transmissible space, that is, the axis can be parallel, crossed or staggered;Smooth rotation, its transmission ratio is constant, the transmission ratio of most gears is constant;Wide range of adaptability (large transmission speed and power range);Life is long;High efficiency;Compact structure and other advantages

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