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Speed Reducers: What Are They? How Do They Operate?

In automation control systems, speed reducers (also known as gearboxes) are gearing assemblies that are typically used to reduce the input power speed, typically from motors, to reach the required output speed and torque.

What is a Speed Reducer?

Speed reducers are relatively straightforward pieces of equipment. Simply put, a speed reducer is a gear train that connects the motor to the equipment and is intended to slow down the transmission of power.

Gear reducers, also known as speed reducers, are mechanical devices that typically serve two roles. The primary function of gear reducers is to increase the amount of work that can be done by duplicating the amount of torque that an information power source produces.

What is the speed reducers' operating principle?

In industrial applications, there are numerous strategies to reduce motor speed, but gear assembly is by far the most popular one (gearbox). To increase the quantity of usable labor, speed reducers or gearboxes lower the motor's rotational speed while boosting its output torque.

A speed reducer's gear train, which is composed of small gears, large gears, and a housing, receives power from the motor shaft and delivers it through the output shaft.

Why use speed reducers?

Speed reducers or gearboxes are used to enhance output torque while decreasing motor rotation speed, which improves the motor's working capacity. A speed reducer also offers the option of changing the output direction.

To conserve installation space, the output direction of the motor can be turned 90 degrees using a right-angle gearbox, or the motor output shaft can be switched from rotating clockwise to counterclockwise using a speed reducer.

What advantages do speed reducers offer?

Reduce cost

In general, the motor's purchasing price is considerably more than the speed reducer's. The speed reducer increases the motor torque, which also increases the motor's output capacity. Instead of buying a high-power motor, a smaller motor with a speed reducer can produce the desired output power. It is also possible to significantly lower the cost of the whole arrangement.

Protect the motor

The speed reducer, which is situated between the motor and the apparatus, must withstand a significant torque loading from the apparatus while it is in use.

When overloaded, the speed reducer will sustain damage first, protecting the motor from direct harm from high loading. The speed reducer can also be repaired or replaced for a relatively modest price, which can lower maintenance expenditures.

Save energy

When the motor is directly connected to the machinery or equipment, it may need to run at a lower speed to produce the necessary torque. Reduced rotational speed will drastically increase current and increase energy consumption.

Heat will also be produced simultaneously by the motor. The performance and lifespan of the motor may be impacted by high temperatures, and in cases of inadequate ventilation, the motor may burn out. Consequently, using a speed reducer can aid in lowering energy usage and protecting the motor.

Where are speed reducers used?

Machine Tools:

Metal cutting devices, machining centers, CNC drills, lathes, turners, milling, boring, and grinding equipment, as well as presses for metal shaping and wire and tube processing.

Industrial Machinery:

Packaging equipment, food, and beverage equipment, bakery equipment, agricultural equipment, textile equipment, footwear equipment, woodworking equipment, printing equipment, plastic processing equipment, PET blow molding equipment, laser cutting equipment, and welding equipment.


Conveyors, automated storage, industrial robots, automated guided vehicles, labeling and capping equipment, and automatic filling and labeling systems.

Sectors of Aerospace and Energy:

Actuator for radio telescopes; tracking for solar panels.

Medical & Testing Sectors:

Electric wheelchairs, moving assist robots, face mask machines, MRI beds, physiotherapy products, auto sampling system

Transportation & Electric Vehicles:

Scooters, e-bikes, electric mobility devices, speed gates, and access control gates.


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